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Here a few links to events which might be interesting for you:


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Here a few links to events which might be interesting for you:

You are welcome to add more events :-)

Informal Meeting (Stammtisch)

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17.04.2014 6pm, Informal gathering at a Restaurant (Hardenberg Cafe in Berlin)

Last Modelica User Group Meetings

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Meetings had been takting place throughout 2013 even though I did not comment on them. I will give information about the future meetings in more detail.

Informal meeting (Stammtisch)

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I want to organize a little get together in a restaurant in Berlin. I will write an email to all members with a Doodle link to find a good time for everybody who would like to attend.

Last Meeting

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Our last meeting took place in Potsdam at the GFZ Potsdam. New participants from Hamburg and Dresden were present. We were about 20 people and had three really interesting presentations. We decided that we will have an informal meeting in March were we want to just talk a bit in a restaurant. The next Modelica User Group Meeting will be held in May/June probably in Adlershof at Fraunhofer FIRST.

New colleagues

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Prof. Schmitz from the TU-Harburg and his assistants are interested in our User Group. We hope that they will join us at one of the next meetings and like what we are doing. We are happy that the knowledge of our group has spread and hope that other people will learn about us and therefore extend our group.

Next meeting

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The next meeting of the user goup will presumably be in January. Probably again at the TU Berlin in the TEL building. That might change though. We are still looking for proposals for interesting speeches.

Old meetings

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On the third meeting we decided to create public pages of the user group, so other people can find out what we do. This is the first attempt for such a page. We had two talks this time. One about 'Simulation variable-structure models with scripts' and one about 'Modelica libraries for thermodynamics in buildings'

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The second meeting was attended again by a lot of people. We were happy to see that many new interested peaople attended. We heard three interesting talks. One about 'Detailed Model of a Hydromechanical Double Clutch Actuator with a Suitable Control Algorithm', another about 'File reader to use in Modelica for large files' and last but not least about 'Geothermal power plants'. The slides are available on the internal pages of the modelica group for members.

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The first meeting was a real success. A lot of people from different fields attended. A more detailed overview you can find here.

Interesting Conferences and Workshops

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Francesco Casella organises a mini symposium on the MathMod in February. The deadline for an extended abstract is on the 1st of October. The deadline just got extended to the 1st of November

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I just got a call for papers for the next Spring Sim Conference in Florida. You'll find the homepage here

Diploma/Master/Bachelor thesis topics

Data analysis, modeling and optimization of a geothermal based transcritical CO2 refrigeration system

At Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg a bachelor/master/diploma thesis can be written. The aim of this work is the ongoing analysis of data from the refrigeration system and the building engineering systems of a highly efficient supermarket, optimization of the control concept and the development of new Control strategies using a simulation model (Modelica). More information and contact details can be found here.

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