Modelling and simulation of physical systems

The goal is to teach computer scientists the basics of physical laws and how to use them in order to model physical systems.

An overview of modeling tools such as Matlab/Simulink®, Dymola®, OpenModelica, MapleSim™ is given. The focus lies on teaching the students how to use Modelica® and what advantages it has.

UdK Berlin

Energy Building design with Autodesk ECOTECT

In this course simulation methods for the analysis and the design of energy efficient building are taught. The architecture students learn to optimize the shape, the facades and the materials of buildings in order to reduce the energy demand to a minimum and to obtain a comfortable room climate. After an introduction to the simulation tool Autodesk ECOTECT, the students develop a climatically adapted and energy efficient building design.

More Education

Projects, Bachelor-, Master-, Diplomthesis

For a Diplom- or Masterthesis in the field of modeling and simulation you can always contact Alexandra Mehlhase.

New topics

Teaching Modeling languages

(TU Berlin SWT – contact Alexandra Mehlhase)
A study about how best to teach the use of modeling languages is to be done. A research on this topic has to be done and on the example of parts of the Modelica language an example has to be created on what the educational material should look like to improve the understanding of the language.

Other Topics

For more information just contact Alexandra Mehlhase

Running topics

Completed topics

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