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The Modelica User Group Berlin is still active and consists of about 50 members (some information about the members and the field they are working in can be found on the member site). We are sorry that this website had not been updated. We will try to keep the page up to date now and to update the information regularly. Usually about 20-30 members attend the meeting. We usually meet 3 times a year and occasionally we meet in a restaurant to talk about current Modelica activities and research projects.

Many collaborations have been created by this group and we have organized small Modelica courses. Anyone who is interested in working with Modelica, starting to work with Modelica or is already a Modelica user is welcome to these casual meetings to get to know the other Modelica users in the area.

The next Modelica User Group meeting will probably be in April 2015.


The idea of the Modelica Group Berlin is an association between research groups and industry partners who use Modelica and want to improve Modelica. Our aim is to have regular meetings where problems and ideas can be discussed.

The main goal is to get to know other people who use Modelica or who are interested in using Modelica. We want to form a group to help each other, share knowledge, start new projects, get to know the work of others, discuss the use of libraries, and help new Modelica users to get started.

Our group is already teaching students how to use Modelica to simulate physical systems. The hope is to improve the education by getting to know other people teaching Modelica and to exchange knowledge.
Another aspect is that we would like to prepare the students better for their future work in the industry and thus would like to cooperate with the industry closely in order to focus on industry relevant topics.
Furthermore the industry would get to know the students earlier and find possible future employees who have the right qualifications.

We are always interested in new projects concerning physical modeling, Modelica and education. Also we are looking for new participants in our group who are interested in our work and want to improve Modelica, physical modeling, education or need help or advice with any of the above.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or would like to attend the next meeting.

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