The modeling and simulation of physical-technical systems with differential - algebraic Equations ( DAEs ) plays an increasingly important role both in science and in industrial practice . The common languages ​​and tools have shortcomings in terms of both software-technical support as well as the numerical stability and robustness. The aim of the proposed project is therefore to reduce, by close cooperation between partners from the computer science, numerical analysis and engineering science, these deficits. From the perspective of computer science, a new methodology and notation should be designed that allows a systematic creation of models. In this methodology, special emphasis on modularization, the separate compilation and dynamic structure changes is placed. The notation is used to enrich the models with additional information (such as inaccuracies and scope information). In order to guarantee the necessary numerical stability, robustness and efficiency in the simulation, the models are remodeled. In this case, a novel method for reducing the index is applied. The newly developed methodology and notation will be evaluated in the engineering application domain of energy-efficient building and system simulation. The numerical properties of the remodeling will also be verified.


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